When To Rehydraid


Keep your hydration levels where they need to be during and after intensive sports or aerobic activity. Compete at your highest level and recover faster with Rehydraid.

Rehydraid & Sport


Rehydraid is exactly what your body needs to rapidly replenish fluids lost through the consumption of alcohol. Say goodbye to dry mouth and hangovers faster.

Rehydraid & Alcohol


Long journeys literally take it out of you. Keep your hydration at normal levels on long haul journeys and combat fatigue and jet-lag. Feel like yourself sooner.

Rehydraid & Travel
Orange and Apple Raspberry Electrolyte Ice Blocks


Vomiting, Diarrhoea and post-surgery. These are critical times to stay hydrated so that you can recover faster and ward against further complications of de-hydration.

Rehydraid & Illness

At Work

Australians work hard, and often in harsh, hot environments. Rehydraid is more effective than water alone when it comes to staying hydrated.

Rehydraid & Work