18 x Rehydraid Mango 250mL Slushy

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Rehydraid Mango 250mL Slushy 18-Pack: Tropical Hydration

Introducing the Rehydraid Mango 250mL Slushy 18-Pack, your solution to staying hydrated with a burst of tropical flavor. Ideal for individuals, families, or small teams, this pack offers the sweet, refreshing taste of mango in a convenient slushy form.

Why the Rehydraid Mango Slushy 18-Pack Stands Out:

Lush Mango Flavor: Dive into the vibrant, sweet flavors of tropical mango with every sip, making hydration a delightful experience.

Optimal Pack Size: The 18-pack strikes the perfect balance, ensuring you have enough to meet your hydration needs without overwhelming storage.

Formulated for Active Lifestyles: Designed to support hydration and energy replenishment for athletes and active days.

Convenience and Portability: Easy-to-freeze doypacks, these mango slushies can be prepared ahead of time and enjoyed on-the-go.

The Rehydraid Mango 250mL Slushy 18-Pack combines flavor and function in your hydration solutions, making hydration enjoyable and practical.

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