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Discover the new source of revitalisation.

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When to Rehydraid...

Dehydration and lack of energy happens to us daily – when we're over-tired, doing our exercise, after a big night out, our kids being sick or all the mums-to-be who need support to revitalise themselves.


Don’t tackle the scorching summer, with just hats, sunscreen and air conditioning… powerful electrolytes will make you feel like superman in the sun.


Overworked and underpaid? Our superior electrolyte drinks will have you feeling good, looking good and with plenty of smiles, perhaps a pay rise too!

After Exercise.

Water quenches thirst, but it’s not enough to re-energise your bodily functions. If you want to continue your day at optimum levels – order our premium electrolytes.

Child Sickness.

Besides medication and rest, electrolytes are the little-known ingredient to have your kids smiling again in no time! Order the ice blocks for your precious children today.


Feeling rough? Get the inner body revitalisation you need with our ready-to-drink immensely powerful electrolytes to feel level-headed, sharp and back in-control.


Mums-to-be have a body temp 5 degrees higher and are often exhausted. Combat this now ladies – order ready-to-drink exceptional electrolytes, which also helps your baby.

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