18 x Rehydraid Orange 250mL Slushy

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Rehydraid Orange 250mL Slushy Bulk Pack: Energize Your Hydration

Keep your hydration game strong with Rehydraid Orange 250mL Slushy, now in a bulk pack of 18. Perfect for teams, events, or active individuals, this orange-flavored slushy combines the benefits of an Oral Electrolyte Solution with the refreshing experience of a frozen treat.

Why Choose Rehydraid Slushy?

Citrus Refreshment: The zesty orange flavor provides a natural boost, ideal for post-exercise recovery or a midday pick-me-up.

Performance Formulated: Supports optimal hydration and replenishment, crucial for athletes and active lifestyles.

Bulk Convenience: With 18 doypacks, stay ready for practices, adventures, or workouts.

Portable & Ready-to-Freeze: Easy to freeze, carry, and enjoy anywhere.

Opt for Rehydraid Orange 250mL Slushy Bulk Pack and transform your hydration routine into a refreshing, energizing ritual.

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