25 x Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 12L water cooler bottle

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Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 12L Water Cooler Bottle:

Refreshment for High-Demand Environments
Elevate hydration in your workplace or gym with the Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 12L Water Cooler Bottle. Perfect for high-demand environments like warehouses, worksites, and fitness facilities, this bulk-use product ensures ample hydration for all.

Key Features:

Convenient Bulk Size: With a 12L capacity, this bottle is perfect for refilling hydration stations, keeping your workforce or gym members hydrated throughout the day.

Perfect Fit for Water Coolers:Designed to fit standard freestanding water coolers, this bottle ensures easy access to cold Rehydraid on tap, promoting hydration without disruption.

Delicious Apple Raspberry Flavor:Enjoy the refreshing taste of apple and raspberry with every sip, enticing and invigorating even in the busiest environments.

Enhance Workplace Hydration with Rehydraid

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