25 x Rehydraid Orange 12L water cooler bottle

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Rehydraid Orange 12L Water Cooler Bottle: Energizing Hydration for Active Environments
Fuel your workplace or gym with the invigorating taste of orange with our Rehydraid Orange 12L Water Cooler Bottle. Designed for high-demand settings like warehouses, worksites, and fitness centers, this bulk-use product ensures ample hydration for all.

Key Features:

Generous Bulk Size: With a 12L capacity, this bottle is ideal for replenishing hydration stations, providing a continuous supply of refreshing orange-flavored Rehydraid to keep your team hydrated throughout the day.

Tailored for Water Coolers: Engineered to fit standard freestanding water coolers, this bottle ensures easy access to chilled Rehydraid on tap, facilitating hydration without interruptions.

Vibrant Orange Flavor: Indulge in the tangy and revitalizing taste of orange with every sip, offering a burst of energy and zest to uplift spirits in even the busiest environments.

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