36 x Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 250mL Slushy

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Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 250mL Slushy: The Cool Way to Rehydrate and Energize
Elevate your hydration with Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 250mL Slushy, perfect for active lifestyles. This pack of 36 slushy doypacks combines the benefits of an Oral Electrolyte Solution with a refreshing frozen slushy, delivering taste and hydration.

Why Rehydraid Slushy is Your Go-To Hydration Companion:

Instantly Refreshing: Perfect for post-workout recovery or beating the heat, our slushy provides an immediate cooling effect.

Delicious Flavor: Infused with vibrant apple and raspberry tastes, this slushy delights your taste buds.

Designed for Active Lifestyles: Supports hydration and replenishment for all activity levels.

Convenient and Portable: The doypack format fits easily into gym bags, backpacks, or coolers.

Embrace the refreshing taste of Rehydraid Apple Raspberry Slushy. It's the perfect way to stay hydrated, energized, and ready to tackle your day. Ideal for teenagers, young adults, and athletes.

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