36 x Rehydraid Orange 250mL Slushy

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Rehydraid Orange 250mL Slushy Bulk Pack: Ultimate Hydration for Teams and Groups

Maximize your hydration with the Rehydraid Orange 250mL Slushy Bulk Pack, offering 36 refreshing slushies. Ideal for teams, families, and active groups, this pack ensures everyone stays energized and hydrated with the delicious taste of orange.

Key Benefits of the Bulk Pack:

Refreshing Orange Flavor: Enjoy the zesty taste of orange in a refreshing slushy form, perfect for quenching thirst.

Designed for High-Volume Use: With 36 slushies, this pack is ideal for sports teams, events, and group activities, offering great value.

Supports Active Lifestyles: Formulated to replenish electrolytes and fluids lost during physical activity, perfect for athletes and busy individuals.

Convenience and Portability: Pre-packaged in easy-to-freeze doypacks, ensuring cold, refreshing hydration is always available.

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