4 x Rehydraid Lime Iceblocks box of 16

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Rehydraid Lime Iceblocks: Refreshing Electrolyte Rehydration for Kids

Rehydraid Lime Iceblocks provide effective, kid-friendly hydration with a fun lime flavor. Ideal during illness, these therapeutic iceblocks ensure hydration and comfort.

Why Parents Trust Rehydraid Lime Iceblocks:

Gentle on Sensitive Stomachs: Slow fluid intake minimizes vomiting.

Irresistible Lime Flavor: Appeals to children, making hydration enjoyable.

More Than Just Hydration: Therapeutic rehydration surpasses sports drinks.

Ready When You Are: Box of 16, easy to freeze and use.

Select Rehydraid Lime Iceblocks for an effective, delicious, and kid-friendly rehydration experience. Let us help lighten the load of sick days with a flavor that cheers and a formula that heals.

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