48 x Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 100 gram Jelly Bag

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Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 100g Jelly Bag: The Fun Way to Stay Hydrated
Introducing the Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 100g Jelly Bag, designed to keep your child hydrated and happy with a fun and easy-to-eat jelly format.

Why Parents and Kids Love Rehydraid Jelly Bags:

Delightful Jelly Format: Fun and engaging way for kids to stay hydrated.

Tasty Apple Raspberry Flavor: Irresistible taste that encourages hydration.

Therapeutic Benefits: Delivers a precise balance of electrolytes and fluids.

Convenient and Mess-Free: Perfectly portioned for easy consumption at home, school, or on the go.

Rehydraid Apple Raspberry Jelly Bags make hydration enjoyable and beneficial for kids.

Choose Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 100g Jelly Bags for a smart, satisfying, and mess-free hydration solution.

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