6 x Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 250mL Slushy

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Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 250mL Slushy: The Cool Way to Rehydrate
Stay hydrated with Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 250mL Slushy, perfect for active teens, young adults, and athletes. This pack of 6 slushy doypacks combines the benefits of an Oral Electrolyte Solution with the refreshing sensation of a frozen slushy.

Why Choose Rehydraid Slushy:

Instant Refreshment: Cool down and rehydrate after workouts or in the heat.

Delicious Flavor: Enjoy the vibrant taste of apple and raspberry.

Active Lifestyle Support: Ideal for gym sessions, outdoor activities, and quick energy boosts.

Convenient: Portable doypacks fit easily in bags for hydration anytime.

Rehydraid Apple Raspberry 250mL Slushy offers a refreshing, tasty way to stay hydrated and energized. Perfect for those with active lifestyles who want effective and enjoyable hydration.

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