8 x Rehydraid Lime 100 gram Jelly Bag

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Rehydraid Lime 100g Jelly Bag: Zesty Hydration Made Fun
Dive into the zesty world of Rehydraid Lime 100g Jelly Bags, where hydration meets the joy of snacking in an innovative jelly format. Tailored for children but designed to ease the minds of parents, this lime-flavored electrolyte jelly combines therapeutic hydration benefits with a burst of fun and flavor.

Why Rehydraid Jelly Bags are a Game-Changer:

Engaging Jelly Texture: Introduces a fun and tactile way for kids to consume their daily hydration, making it an activity they look forward to.

Vibrant Lime Flavor: The fresh and zesty lime flavor of our jelly bags is a hit among kids, encouraging them to hydrate more and enjoy every bite.

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