8 x Rehydraid Mango 100 gram Jelly Bag

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Rehydraid Mango 100g Jelly Bag: Tropical Hydration with Every Squeeze
Introducing Rehydraid Mango 100g Jelly Bags, where tropical delight meets essential hydration in a fun format. This pack of 8 jelly bags ensures your child stays hydrated, combining the benefits of an Oral Electrolyte Solution with the irresistible taste of mango.

Why Choose Rehydraid Mango Jelly Bags?

Engaging Jelly Format: A fun, squeezable jelly that kids love, making hydration enjoyable.

Delicious Mango Flavor: Sweet and juicy taste of mango, turning hydration into a tropical treat.

Optimized for Health: Each jelly bag delivers balanced electrolytes and fluids for effective hydration and recovery.

Convenient Pack of 8: Ideal for home, school, or on-the-go, offering a practical, mess-free hydration solution.

Choose Rehydraid Mango 100g Jelly Bags for a fun, tasty, and effective way to keep your child hydrated. The perfect blend of health, convenience, and tropical joy, ensuring hydration is a breeze, no matter the occasion.

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