8 x Rehydraid Orange 100 gram Jelly Bag

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Rehydraid Orange 100g Jelly Bag: Zesty Hydration in Every Bite
Elevate your child's hydration routine with Rehydraid Orange 100g Jelly Bags, a delightful twist on staying hydrated. Packaged in a convenient set of 8, these jelly bags combine the therapeutic benefits of an Oral Electrolyte Solution with the joy and simplicity of a jelly snack.

Discover the Rehydraid Jelly Advantage:

Fun Jelly Format: The jelly format makes staying hydrated a fun, interactive experience for children.

Luscious Orange Flavor: Infused with a vibrant orange taste, encouraging children to hydrate more willingly and enjoyably.

Tailored for Health: Each jelly bag is formulated to provide the right balance of electrolytes and fluids for effective hydration, supporting recovery and daily wellness.

Convenience for Families: The pack of 8 jelly bags is perfect for home, lunches, or on the go, offering a tasty, mess-free hydration option.

Opt for Rehydraid Orange 100g Jelly Bags for a fun-filled approach to hydration. Keep your child hydrated, happy, and healthy, whether at home or on the move.

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